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CipherWorks is available in the public cloud. All the services can be accessed as REST API calls with a valid api key.

Dockerized On-Premise, Private Cloud Deployment






CipherWorks as a Container is available to deploy in any Docker/Kubernetes environment. Consideting the sensitive nature of the data it is processing the following recommendations needs to be considered in the deployment:  

  • To eliminate any runtime interference and avoid any other processing peeking into the in-memory CipherWorks application, CipherWorks may be considered to be running on a dedicated virtual machine with a dedicated OS instance
  • CipherWorks needs to be deployed using a privileged group and user
  • In the production, CipherWorks may not share the OS with any other application processes 
  • Client alpplication can only access cwService does call link to any libraries and make intra-process method calls.
  • cwStore is deployed on a High Avaiability Database Platform
  • The disk spaces collecting logs and core files are access protected and available only to the users administering the CipherWorks.